Grief and Trauma:

Grief is a natural emotion after a loss. It is an increase sense of pain and sadness that will lessen over time. Trauma is a response to a horrible event such as abuse, rape, accident, and tragic death, which can keep us confined to these series of events. Trauma can make it difficult at times to move from the past to the present, and will hold us back from things that we once loved in life. Through life we experience grief, loss, and traumatic situations. Our coaches are her to guide you on processing what has happen and how we can work through it in order to continue on with life. We create a safe space for processing and discussing your feelings and emotions in order to help ease the grieving. We work through accepting the changes in life and help you envision a prosperous future.

7 Stages of Grief:

Key Factors to Processing Grief and Trauma:
-Resist avoidance
-Allow yourself to go through the emotions
-Give yourself time, healing doesn’t happen over night
-Connect with others; don’t isolate
-Ask for and be open to support
-Join a support group
-Engage in wellness (exercising, mindfulness, etc.)
-Resist re-traumatization